In my designs, the guiding principle is effortless elegance. I want the pieces I create to be timeless staples in your wardrobe. The "go-to" earrings that look great and are super-comfortable. A necklace with just the right amount of sparkle that you can dress up or dress down. Even the set of stacking rings that you wear every day, and will often catch yourself re-arranging on your fingers when you are lost in thought.

I have always been a no-frills kinda girl, and never really found pieces I would like to wear on a daily basis. I could never find jewelry with the right balance of architectural influence and wearability.

I want the pieces I create to be staples in your wardrobe, regardless of the fad of the week.

As a stay at home mom, and the mother of a very girlie-girl, I started making jewelry so I would know that the necklaces and bracelets she was wearing were durable, and the components were as safe as I could make them. After making more than she could ever wear, I decided to set up a shop to sell online.

All my children's jewelry is strung on silk cord, and knotted around larger beads for added safety and durability. I use a lot of Czech and Japanese glass beads, and all my findings are sterling silver. The pieces are finished with a silver plated, lead-safe magnetic clasp. Magnetic clasps are strong enough to hold a necklace together, but will come apart before the piece is damaged when pulled.

I also have a line of jewelry for grown-ups (there's only so much pink a girl can stand,) in sterling silver & copper. All my silver is recycled, tarnish-resistant Argentium sterling silver, and is made in the USA.